About Yama

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I am a spiritual healer with over 10 years experience in Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and meditation and helped many people grow and find the power within themselves.


Born in Afghanistan, I was exposed to war from an early age and used to live in constant fear. At the age of 9, I had to leave my mother and siblings to live with my Dad whose job required him to travel to various provinces in our country.

I would spend most of the days at home alone, reading books or taking a walk in the nearby gardens. I didn't have a lot of contacts with children of my age. As a result of this lifestyle, I became mature and independent at a young age.


When I was 15, I went to study Technical Engineering in the Czech Republic. At the age of 18, I returned to Afghanistan and had to join the Army, as our country was at war. I lost many relatives and friends. Our situation deteriorated, and we had to leave our home country and flee to India. In 1994, my parents decided to emigrate to Australia.


After moving to Canberra, I developed an interest in spiritual poetry and spirituality in general. I would sit for hours at night and gaze at the moon. Then, I went through a depression stage. I would find myself sitting in the backyard at night thinking, "Here I am in a safe, beautiful country, with a beautiful family, a job as IT manager for a private company, but I am still not happy. Something is missing.”


One night, as I was out in the dark backyard gazing at a little flower, something happened, and I lost any sense of time. I was overflowing with joy, love, and compassion. This feeling was so strong that it left me restless for days. It felt like I had just drunk an ocean of water and yet still feeling thirsty. I was shaking, laughing, and crying, feeling more peaceful than ever before. It felt like I was reborn. Emotional attachments to what happened in the past started to drop. Even suffering made sense. I experienced an intense spiritual awakening.


I started practising hands-on healing until one day someone told me that what I was doing was similar to Reiki. I started looking into Reiki and moved through different levels in the presence of a Reiki Teacher.

One day, I felt the urge to paint. I would paint all night and still feel energised. It wasn’t a structured approach, just a brush, paint and a canvas. Sometimes, I would paint with bare hands. This practice became a form of meditation for me, and I started teaching people to use painting as a form of expression and tapping into the depths of their subconscious mind to trigger healing where needed.


I am happily married and live with my wife and children in Canberra. I mostly meditate, paint, take photos, play with my kids or do gardening.


I am a professional member of Reiki Australia.

Are you feeling stuck and unhappy in your life right now?

If you think there is more to life, if you are looking for your purpose and would like to explore some guidance with your spiritual journey, I would love to connect with you.


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