Raise your Confidence

High self-esteem contains within it of a job well done.

With high self-esteem we can release the need for outside approval because we feel joy at our accomplishments.

Re-establish the natural flow to your breathing

The more you practice deep breathing, the more grounded you will feel,  the more control you will have over your thoughts and emotions and the more quality that will flow into your life.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

This is one of the most powerful, beneficial and ancient breathing technique. You will find that practicing it makes you feel extremely calm and clear.

It soothes and purifies the central nervous system and help you control your mind and emotions.

Normally we breathe through one nostril for a period of time and then change to the other. There follows a period when we breathe evenly through both nostrils.

When we breathe predominantly through the right nostril we activate left-brain function and there is more action and Left-nostril breathing activates the right-brain function and promotes a quieter, more reflective mood.

When we breathe evenly through both nostrils we are calm and balanced.

Improve concentration, Sharpen your Intuition - Gazing

It is best to practice this technique on an empty stomach either during early-morning hours or late evening hours just before going to bed. If you practice it during the daytime, make sure that the room is dark so that focusing on a candle flame is easier. Do not strain your eyes while gazing at the object. The eyes adjust naturally in due course of time and it becomes easier to concentrate and gaze on the object for longer periods of time.

Express Feeling and Emotions with Chakra Seed Sounds.

This recording will help you express feeling and emotions stored in the energetic body leaving you in harmony.

The sounds and the tongue positions  

LAM - Behind the Upper Teeth

VAM - At the Lips 

RAM - The slope of Mouth Roof

YAM - At the End of Soft Palate

HAH - At the Back of the Throat

AUM - The tongue is initially positioned at the back of the throat and move to the lips along with the sound

Chakra, locations and Characteristics

LAM - Base of the Spine - when balanced we feel secure, attuned with nature, we trust because grounding helps us see through the illusion of fear. We feel generous, we are active and vital. We live with a sense of purpose.

VAM - Spleen Area - when balanced we are confident and have a good self/body image. We are more aware and our ego is balanced. Creativity flows and we are soaring on the clouds of imagination. There is a wave of optimism.

RAM - Solar Plexus - when balanced there is a strong will power. We are commanding and giving and there is calm feeling We are more in touch with our feelings and express them appropriately. We are filled with feelings of joy and laughter. We have respect for ourselves and others.

YAM - Centre of Chest - the seat of universal love, compassion and empathy.  When this energy centre is balanced we are more receptive to give and receive love and compassion. We are sensitive to the energies around us and generously radiate and share our warmth. We are honest have a sense of responsibility in life.

HAM - Throat Area -  when this centre is balanced, we can communicate clearly including about our own weaknesses. We are centered and inspire others around us. We are reflective, creative and there is no end to our imagination. We don't judge and are aware of subtle dimensions.  

AUM - Third Eye - Seat of psychic wisdom. when this energy centre is balanced we feel spiritual contentment. We have clarity and are driven by intuitive wisdom that is wise and insightful and our faith is strong.

Seventh Chakra - Silence is the sound of this spiritual dimension. We are intune and there is harmonious spiritual flow.

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