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Healing Services

I provide a number of modalities to work and initiate healing in the following areas:

  • Balance & Harmony

  • Old belief systems

  • Forgiveness

  • Freedom & Joy

  • Your True Essence


For your individual healing session, you can choose a Reiki, hypnosis, or meditation treatment. My healing sessions, short courses [link to short courses], and transformation programs [link to transformation program] are a blend of theory, storytelling, and practical exercises. My goal is to facilitate a space where you will attain clarity and understanding of what is holding you back to live your truth and express your authentic self.


Practical exercises will give you real experiences right from the start. The primary emphasis of any session or course is to learn and apply over and over again what you practise in your session until it becomes natural to you.

The following modalities are available: 

Reiki Treatment

Experience hands-on healing to balance and harmonise the energetic body.
Discover a profound state of relaxation.
Access a mental space where you can witness your emotions.

Release blocked energies, which have created emotional pain that impacts the physical body.
Expect to experience shifts in your physical, emotional, and energetic body.


Target a specific area to heal, such as uplifting your confidence or releasing a trauma.

There five phases that inducing hypnosis will include?

1.             Body and mind relaxation

2.            Focus of attention

3.            Reduced awareness of the external environment

4.            Greater awareness of internal sensations

5.            A trance state

Hypnosis will help you bring healing to various areas of your life. For example hypnosis will help with boosting your self esteem. 

Low or poor self-esteem is caused by a negative emotional reaction such as childhood experiences, criticism by parents, teachers, peer and siblings, environment, social surroundings, or cultural background. In other words, it is conditioned and derived from the past. People who are obsessed by low self-esteem are in a constant inner war. As a result, they project fear towards others and life. Comparing ourselves to others could derive from low self-esteem, for example. A person possessed with low self-esteem would look at their body, personality, and actions negatively. As a result, they would try harder to adjust their life with impossible standards nourished by negative and compulsive behaviours, which are reactions to earlier feelings of being neglected, criticised, and abused. Or, it could be just lack of love. When you understand that everyone is unique and each person's purpose is unique, your self-esteem will rise.

Meditation / Hypnosis

Induction of a deep hypnotic, meditative state
Induction of a trance state
Experience a deeply relaxed state within minutes

The quality of our present lifestyle is a direct result of our thoughts. Fearful thoughts impact the body negatively, and the physical reaction of our body feeds the original fear and amplifies it. When fearful thoughts are accompanied by supporting feelings we then go through different negative emotions such as anger that at times leave us in despair.

Scientific studies show that being angry a person goes through physiological and biological changes. Since we are dealing with emotions, the emotional part of the brain, the Amygdala, is activated. The Amygdala is consistently on the lookout for emotional emergency signals. When it perceives an emotional emergency signal, it triggers the fight or flight survival response. It takes over the neo-cortex (the thinking brain) before it has had time to analyse the signals and decide what to do. Since it is an instantaneous response, the rest of the brain follows the emotional brain. The decision "there is an emergency and something needs to be done" is made by the emotional brain.

So when we experience anger, we don’t have access to our intelligent brain.  Our fear is projected back to us, further fuelling our anger, and this all happens on auto pilot.

Thoughts that trigger anger include our personal evaluation, assessments, assumptions and interpretation of situations and other people.  We may think that someone else is attempting to cause us harm. In this way, we project our own fear onto others. We feel limited and belittled by others. Our own thoughts of anger create our reality. Meditation can help us observe our thoughts, feelings, and emotions and realise how the quality of our thoughts affects us on a holistic level. If we become aware of this relationship between our thoughts and our reality, we can make wise investments in our thoughts.

Intuitive Painting

Learn to use the power of colour in a playful, creative approach. Have fun while healing takes place.

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