Spiritual Transformation Program - over 6 Months

Are you feeling confused and stuck in your life?

Do you lack clarity about your purpose in life?

Are you looking to bring back happiness and joy into your life?

Have you experienced a spiritual awakening and don't know how to cope with your daily life.

If you keep reading, you will learn more about our 6 -month spiritual transformation program, which will help you let go of physical and emotional pain and old belief systems as well as find clarity about your awakening and learn how to follow your heart and live your truth in your daily life.


Discover how to heal yourself through my guidance and how to apply what you have learned at home. What's great about this course is that you will have a free discovery session during which we will discuss your emotional state and the issues that brought you to this session. Plus, we will have a look at your goals. I will explain different types of therapies, tools, and practices, which are suitable to help you in your specific quest or recovery. At the end of the discovery session, you will be able to make an informed decision about how to proceed.


During this transformation program, you will go through Reiki levels one, two or level three (Prerequisites for Reiki level two and three will be discussed at the free consultation), which will deepen the relationship with yourself so that you can improve your well-being and guide others towards freedom and happiness in their lives. You will learn to heal yourself and others, even across a distance.

Spiritual Healing Modalities


Learn how to meditate and self-induce a rapid relaxation state.

The quality of our present lifestyle is a direct result of our thoughts. Fearful thoughts impact the body negatively, and the physical reaction of our body feeds the original fear and amplifies it. When fearful thoughts are accompanied by supporting feelings we then go through different negative emotions such as anger that at times leave us in despair.

Scientific studies show that being angry a person goes through physiological and biological changes. Since we are dealing with emotions, the emotional part of the brain, the Amygdala, is activated. The Amygdala is consistently on the lookout for emotional emergency signals. When it perceives an emotional emergency signal, it triggers the fight or flight survival response. It takes over the neo-cortex (the thinking brain) before it has had time to analyse the signals and decide what to do. Since it is an instantaneous response, the rest of the brain follows the emotional brain. The decision "there is an emergency and something needs to be done" is made by the emotional brain.

So when we experience anger, we don’t have access to our intelligent brain.  Our fear is projected back to us, further fuelling our anger, and this all happens on auto pilot.

Thoughts that trigger anger include our personal evaluation, assessments, assumptions and interpretation of situations and other people.  We may think that someone else is attempting to cause us harm. In this way, we project our own fear onto others. We feel limited and belittled by others. Our own thoughts of anger create our reality. Meditation can help us observe our thoughts, feelings, and emotions and realise how the quality of our thoughts affects us on a holistic level. If we become aware of this relationship between our thoughts and our reality, we can make wise investments in our thoughts.

Reiki Attunement
Reiki Level One will help you
  • Bring a deeper meaning and purpose to your life

  • Bring awareness to your habitual reactions to past traumas and initiate healing.

  • Develop a greater sense of self, peace and a healthy relationship with yourself.

  • Learn how to lay hands over the body to bring energetic alignment and harmony to yourself and loved ones.


Reiki Level Two will help you:
  • Expand your awareness and assess your feelings, emotions and intentions.

  • Deepen a healthy relationship with yourself.

  • Experience a heightened awareness of your five senses and a deeper sense of your true self emerging and guiding you.

  • Experience increased stability and grounding.

  • Learn three mantras and three symbols that help you focus on the right energy.

  • Learn to internalise the deeper meaning behind the symbols, mantras and the Reiki Precepts. This level leads you to discover your hidden inner qualities, such as your Earth, Heaven and Heart energy.

  • Be able to send distance healing to someone.


Reiki Level Three will help you:
  • Start to feel more content in your own company.

  • Tap into your own abundant nature.

  • Be able to send distance healing and have deeper spiritual experiences.  

  • Rely on your intuition as guidance and develop a mature ego.

  • Become aware and sensitive as you learn ways to listen and learn. As a consequence, synchronicity will start to happen more often. At this level, there is a possibility to experience your spiritual birth.

  • Find your purpose to help and guide others towards freedom and spiritual awakening.


Hypnotherapy will change your view of your current life by shifting negative perceptions. As a result, you won't judge yourself through past experiences. Hypnotherapy sessions will help you address identified areas and issues that need healing. Eventually, you will learn to self-induce a deeply relaxed state.

Hypnosis will help you heal fear conditioning which is the process by which something that is not in the least threatening becomes dreaded because it is associated in someone’s mind with something frightening. Research shows that the region of the brain that learns also acts on this fearful response. When people learn to be frightened by something through fear conditioning, the fear subsides in time. This happens through natural relearning when the feared object is re-encountered in the absence of any frightening event.
For example, someone afraid of dogs may have been bitten by a dog, and the person's amygdala still links the sight of a dog with the pain of the bite.

Issues we can address in hypnotherapy sessions:

  • Release Fear and Anxiety

  • Be a Winner

  • Don't Take it Personally

  • Fear of Failure

  • Making Big Decisions

  • Never Give Up

  • Stop Being a Victim

  • Stop Being Lazy

  • Stop Self Sabotage

  • Stop Feeling Trapped

  • Thinking that the worst could happen

  • Trust Again

  • Enhance your willpower

  • Stop Emotional Eathing

Intuitive Painting

Immerse yourself in this very relaxing self-therapy. Colour is the language of the subconscious mind. Explore your creativity and develop an intuitive painting. Learn how to gaze in the mirror of your heart and examine your life objectively. And most importantly, have fun


You will get practical exercises at the end of each session to repeat at home.

what is this course about?

Open below pdf document to view course contents.

  • Free Discovery Session

  • 6 guided sessions - valued at $2,000

  • Learn powerful healing modalities to heal yourself and others

  • Become proficient in Reiki Levels One to Three (pre requisites for Reiki level two and level 3 will be discussed at your free consultation)

  • Reprogram your subconscious mind

  • Learn to practise compassion with yourself and others

  • Practical exercises to deepen the learning at home

  • Additional free resources in our member's area

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About Yama

As a spiritual healer, Yama coaches people from all walks of life to bring harmony, peace, and happiness into their life. With more than 10 years experience in Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and Meditation, he can assist his clients in healing trauma, releasing emotional pain, and promoting well-being. He is passionate about helping his clients transform and reclaim their confidence.

Yama practises spiritual principles in both his personal and professional life and works with his clients to enhance mental, physical and spiritual outcomes to improve their overall health.