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Thank you Yama for putting me on this exciting journey. It has changed my life a lot.

Grit Beyer

I went to see Yama for treatment because I was having health issues with high blood pressure, feeling tired a lot and just feeling flat and a bit sombre. He worked on me for over an hour and it felt like it was only minutes when I rose from the treatment table. Yama worked over and around my body by facing his hands towards certain areas of my bodies (without touching) and by only touching my knees. Even when his hands were away from me I could feel energy resonating and heat. But when he got to my heart area where my health problems stem, from I could feel things being reschuffled and found it very difficult to take that part of the healing. Something deep was happening. It was obviously affecting something that was causing a significant reaction in me. It was working! Since then I have felt a lot more energetic and peaceful. I don't feel immobilised by not feeling well anymore. I will continue to see Yama, as I feel it was the start of a healing journey for me. The main area that is being affected is my heart and it was too difficult to deal with all at once during one session. Yama is highly intuitive and he can also "see" and "pick up" on issues that may be a source of the problem or a message I need to hear. He is intuitively guided in his practice so no two sessions are the same. His approach is gentle and doesn't rush through things so I can work through the result afterward. I will return to see him and have recommended his treatments to my friends. I have much confidence and faith in Yama's ability so I took my son to see him also.


My son's testimony

My son is 12 yrs old and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes from the age of 7yrs. Diabetes causes, tiredness, grumpiness and mood swings. However, the past few months my son's instaneous. He hasn't been aggressive and when I ask him to do something he says "OK sure Mum"? He is cooperative and helpful and his behaviour has changed completely. At first I wondered if it would persist, but it actually has. I intend on sending my son for further treatments (not for his behaviour, because it is now good), but for other matters related to his health. I highly recommend Yama's work on children, and I think because of their age and their innocence that the results can be more dramatic as was the case with my son. I look forward to seeing what happens next time. Yama is a trustworthy healer who is ethical, gentle and intuitive and I trust his ability completely. I commend his discipline and heart in serving others to have a better quality of life.behaviour had altered to a level that was extreme and I was phoning his Dr and a Youth Worker on trying to get their assistance to deal with his aggressive outbursts which were completely out of character for him. I was running out of answers and so was his Dr. I took him to see Yama but didn't actually tell Yama about this problem in particular. Yama worked on Caleb for a couple of hours and I picked him up and took him home. At first my son seemed a bit quiet and calm but I didn't say anything. A couple of months have now passed since seeing Yama and I can say that from that session things have taken a 90 degree turn. To the point, that I phoned Yama's wife to tell her that my son was like a "new boy". The result was

Chella Goldwin

Meditation has helped me cope with the hardship of life. Yama has guided me through many ancient breathing exercises. Attending these lessons has grounded me and has showed me how to find my inner calmness. You need to want to change for any change to occur. This course has the right environment for change.

Vesna Pepping

I used to find it hard to make decisions. I would doubt whether I’m making the right decision or not. Thank you for the Believe in Yourself course. I now trust my decisions and feel confident.

Olivia Shepperd

The best Reiki session I have ever had.

Jo Lenihan

The short course I did with Yama has changed my life.

Anna Zaja

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